blizzard scones & homemade lattes

blizzard scones // kitschandcamera.comnemo forced us into hibernation mode this weekend [although the word “forced” makes it sound more reluctant than it actually was… i feel like we were all secretly ok with having to stay in our homes, be cozy and take a break from daily routine. but maybe that’s just me.]blizzard scones //

with the unpredictability of boston weather, i really didn’t think to do the whole run-out-to-the-supermarket-to-stock-up-before-the-storm thing. i live across the street from whole foods & rite aid; i’d be fine (not to mention our pantry holds far more food than necessary).  honestly, the only item we had the foresight to buy was espresso grounds…because that’s what everyone does in case of emergency, no?  anywho, the minute we got word of the driving ban on friday – we panicked!  did we have enough wine, beer & treats for the evening?!  really important concerns, obviously.  we decided to run out to WF to “stock up” aka buy wine. it had CLOSED, 10 min prior.  most fortunately, our neighbor friend brews his own beer…a casual stop-by at his place had us leaving with 2 growlers full of IPA. things were going to be alright.

homemade lattes //

i found a recipe for Peanut Butter & Jam Surprise Oat Scones on Yummy Mummy Kitchen, and liked its simplicity — the ingredients were all things that i typically have on hand, and there are no artificial sweeteners.  i tweaked the recipe a bit based on what i had in the apartment, and i recommend you take some creative liberty as well!  i’d imagine you could substitute any nut butter, use any mix-ins, and any jam or filling.  one recommendation is to not skip on the filling…i think they’d be a little dry without the sweet creamy inside.

blizzard scones //

according to my calculations, each scone comes in at around 250-300 calories, BUT they’re all yummy good-for-you ingredients…so pretty much guilt-free.

blizzard scones //

and naturally, we needed an upbeat playlist to keep us going all weekend.  here’s what i had on repeat… for the impromptu dance parties that happen when we’re all cooped up:

blizzard scones //

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