deep winter CSA creations

deep winter csa creations // kitschandcamera.comthis is what happens when you join a CSA.  you google vegetables you’ve never heard of before to figure out what the heck to do with ’em and then create magical meals that you would have never thought to create otherwise!  we got a kobucha squash, watermelon radish & sooo many carrots, sweet potatoes and parsnips in our latest batch…and decided to attack them top-chef style using only ingredients we had in the apartment and from the latest share.  the result was a potpourri of dishes that may not have complemented each other perfectly but were all freakin’ awesome in their own right.IMG_3906

plus, it was plated so beautifully that you couldn’t not like it…

what we made:

  • sweet potato, carrot & parsnip rosemary “fries”
  • sauteed bok choy with ginger garlic & onion
  • watermelon radish (!!) with avocado lime dressing
  • mashed kobucha squash with cayenne-toasted squash seeds
  • homemade hummus & falafel (bc doesn’t every just have falafel mixes lying around?)

IMG_4700 IMG_4697 IMG_4719 IMG_4715   so yeah…we had all the flavors covered…from savory rosemary to tangy lime and ginger to middle eastern zest.  perhaps more direction to our next CSA dinner…IMG_4728

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