pizza + egg: forever and ever amen


egg pizza //

egg on anything is amazing: poached, fried …it’s all good. but egg on PIZZA…there is not much better than that!

i just got back from vacation and wanted to make a quick dinner for some friends coming over.  just a quick trip to trader joe’s for pizza crust, & this beaut was ready less than an hour later.

it’s quite simple, and not even worth posting a recipe. the pizza below was made with whole-wheat pizza dough (which even thought i prefer it and it’s healthier, i will say that it just doesn’t cook up the same as the white crust – it’ll never be as fluffy and crisp in all the right places).  it was topped with a hefty dose of pesto, sweet potato slices (pre-roasted), sauteed mushrooms & onions, and yummy herbed goat cheese.  oh and of course, egg. really, i could have done more but that was me exhibiting restraint (you never want to load up your pizza too much or it’ll be a soggy  mess).

to cook the egg, you bake the pizza as you normally would (@ 350°), but take it out ~3 minutes before it’s finished cooking. then crack an egg or 2 on top & pop it back in the oven for the remaining few minutes.  you’ll know the egg is done when it’s firm and the whites are no longer runny.

the best part: the leftovers at lunch the next day.

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