sundays nourish the soul

banana nut & seed granola bars // kitschandcamera.comtoday was a granola bar day for me. it was a day that nourishes the soul sorta day.  a day that was beyond necessary in the midst of the overwhelming travel i’ve been doing for work.  i needed the grounding, to get into the kitchen and work out my emotions, to lose myself for just a little and not check my phone and not stare at a ppt on a computer screen and not be a nutjob in my head.

wow, i sound dramatic.  the point is: i needed today.

banana nut & seed granola bars // kitschandcamera.comi’ve been intrigued by the idea of making my own homemade granola bars, and finally decided to give it a shot (thinking it’d be an easy enough treat to bring with on my next business trip).  i found a recipe on goodthingsgrow that used only pb + banana as a base, and was immediately sold.  they are delish – perfectly loaded with nuts and dried fruits and of course chocolate chips – and with a sweet hint of moist banana.banana nut & seed granola bars // kitschandcamera.comi really loaded mine up too…i think i found the chopping kinda cathartic and just went all out.  anywho, the result is a dense loaded granola bar that i am certain will power me up for the week. it’ll also remind me of today, how happy i could be doing something so simple, every time i’m on the road and reach into my bag for one.

i suggest going to jacqui’s gorgeous site to get the recipe for yourself!  Good Things Grow Granola Bars

as for the soundtrack of my day: i’ve been pretty into what i dubbed “easy listening” last night (& was rightfully ridiculed for): music with soul and mystique and voices that float through the air and into your nerves and calm you; settle you.  i’m talking etta james, bill withers, billie holiday. music that makes you feel good, and mellows you out.  what i think is the perfect easy sunday playlist. & with that, here ya go:

sundays //

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