brunch for the mamas

brunch for the mamas //

my roommate and i have a precious tradition going with our mom’s: mother-daughter class dates.  these usually involve taking some sort of artsy class together and upon leaving with a true sense of accomplishment (& for me usually embarrassment at my mother’s need to always be the loudest / best student in class), we fill ourselves with delicious food & beverages and commence the girl-talking.  our most recent class was learn-to-sew, and instead of waiting until after class to indulge this time, we decided to invite the mamas over for brunch & mimosas beforehand…you know, to ensure we had steady hands for the sewing later…

the spread was quite delicious, if i do say so myself, and nothing too heavy because you know how us ladies are. i tried to keep it simple, and centered around 2 recipes: my new roots’ life-changing seed bread (was dying for an excuse to make that), and cookie+kate’s baby spinach frittata with sweet potato hash crust.

my new roots seed bread //

my new roots’ seed bread is truly outstanding, and has since become a staple for me.  it’s simple to make, once you purchase the key ingredient, psyllium husks (which i was able to find easily at whole foods).  i love the versatility of it; you can substitute any nuts or seeds with those that you have on hand.  it’s full of whole grains, texture (has that lovely seedy crunch), and more importantly, flavor — mmm the decadent taste of hazelnuts!  hazelnuts are a nut that i’ve grossly underused in the past but tasting them as the focal piece of this bread, that will certainly be changing.  i recommend toasting it and smothering with peanut butter; but honestly, a plain slice of this is certainly scrumptious too.

cookie+kate frittata //

it was my first time making frittata, and it came out perfectly.  i say this as a testament to the cookie+kate recipe, which i would recommend to anyone.  aside from the monotonous hand-dicing of the sweet potatoes for the hash crust, the recipe couldn’t have been easier.  the only tweaks we made were to use almond milk instead of regular milk, and onion instead of scallion.  the flavor of the frittata, which was filled with onion, goat cheese and spinach, was wonderfully enhanced by the addition of cumin…which surprised me to see but do not leave it out.  as i said, perfection…

brunch for the mamas //

the class itself was enjoyable, though i say so begrudgingly because the precision of sewing is a skill it seems i lack… in other words my mom kicked my ass.  anywho, we each created a little patterned pouch customized to our liking.  freakin’ adorable, no?

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