farm fresh blueberries & a recipe for crumble bars

blueberry crumble bars // kitschandcamera.comMy lovely and super talented sister has been working on a farm at an environmental retreat center all summer, up in the idyllic Mad River Valley of Vermont. Vermont- is awesome. Ill take any excuse to go visit up there. And since my LAST DAY at work (pre-leave of absence) was this past week, I finally had an opportunity to visit her farm – I was truly blown away by the untouched purity of just nature up there.blueberry crumble bars // kitschandcamera.comIt’s quite other-worldly — long winding roads up mountains, empty swimming holes with crystal blue water, hardly any cell service, everyone knows each other and everything seems to be grown locally and sustainably.blueberry crumble bars // kitschandcamera.comTheir farm sold pick your own blueberries and I can’t think of a time I’ve ever eaten a fresher or sweeter blueberry.blueberry crumble bars // kitschandcamera.comI ate. So many. But, did manage to take a quart home with me- which I froze until I had a chance to bake something worthy of such a berry.blueberry crumble bars // kitschandcamera.comGojee helps for such situations. I finally settled on this recipe for Blueberry Crumb Bars from Taste Food Blog – it seemed like it wouldn’t overpower the berries too much!blueberry crumble bars // kitschandcamera.comIt was perfection. Best eaten when warm and right out of the oven. And maybe with ice cream too just because.blueberry crumble bars // kitschandcamera.comI didn’t make any substitutions to the original recipe, so I’ll direct you straight to Taste Food’s blog if you’d like to recreate.blueberry crumble bars // kitschandcamera.comThe visit was brief but a nice grounding and transition between work work work and the many travels to come. I leave for the Pacific Northwest soon! The countless days of planning and pondering and questioning will give way to this moment – where its up to me to LIVE and just embrace.

For the recipe, head here! : Blueberry Crumble Bars via TasteFoodBlog

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