kitsch+camera // indonesia welcome to kitsch+camera. i’m carolyn.

(that’s me eating a feast of balinese food.  with fresh coconut!)

i created this blog as an outlet for some of my favorite things: food – with a tendency for that which is healthful & makes you feel good. also photography (let’s call it, learning how to use my DSLR) and finally, music.  my happy place involves blasting music and tinkering with pots & pans until the kitchen gets all toasty & fragrant.

despite the number of vegan & vegetarian recipes you’ll find on here, i can’t say that i’m either of those.  i believe that every body is unique and has its own needs, and i find that for me, animal protein is good from time to time.  plus, i’m a new englander – seafood in the summer is a treasured ritual.

i also just happen to really love vegetables & grains.  give me roasted brussels sprouts over a piece of steak any day.

a year ago, i was diagnosed with SIBO (more in this post) which has drastically shifted my outlook on food and eating. i’ve been on and off of a variety of diets in an attempt to heal, but it is still very much a journey for me. in this process, i’ve immersed myself even more in cooking clean, whole foods and making everything from yogurts to bone broths on my own. i’m happy to talk about my experience if you are going through anything similar! (i know it isn’t easy.)

you may also notice that several of my posts are travel-related.  two years ago, i was fortunate enough to take a sabbatical from work to travel the world a bit….and i made sure to sample the local cuisine everywhere i went.  from the sambal-infused tempeh dishes of bali to the bright, lemongrass noodle soups of vietnam, i fell in love with southeast asian cuisine and gained a deeper appreciation for whole, unprocessed foods.

i use food as a lens for many of my travel experiences; i’m fascinated by the way food influences people and culture, and i enjoy uncovering the traditions that exist around food in other countries.  i’ve included some of the stories and findings from my adventures – i hope you find them equally entertaining.

most pictures are taken with my canon rebel DSLR, some with iphone (sadly it’s hard to tell the difference in some cases!)

leave a comment and introduce yourself! and read on below for press + inspiration.


many of my recipes have been featured on platejoy, a site centered around healthy eating for busy people. two of those recipes that i’ve blogged about here are mocha chia seed pudding and kale & bean salad.

my recipe for spring pea, mint & avocado mash was featured in t.e.l.l. new england‘s issue 05. view the full publication, here (pp. 56-59), or the web article here.sweet pea mash // kitsch+camera


inspiration // kitschandcamera.comthe things & quotes & people that inspire me.

in the blog world:

“Fear, to a great extent, is born of a story we tell ourselves, and so I chose to tell myself a different story from the one women are told. I decided I was safe. I was strong. I was brave. Nothing could vanquish me.”

-Cheryl Strayed, Wild

If digging up our gardens, getting an allotment, shopping at farmers’ markets, growing organically, and eating sustainably is seen as a sign of our collective guilt for what we have done to the planet, then so be it.  We can never totally undo what has been done.  But there are some of us, hopeful, deluded, possibly a wee bit mad, who are happy to try to put in more than we take out.  One of the ways we can do that is to eat a greener diet.”

-Nigel Slater, Tender

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  1. I am loving your blog, Carolyn! A lot of the recipes are right up my alley, so I can see myself making a lot of them. I’m just starting to get into cooking asian foods, so I especially love all of your travel recipes/photos.

    • Thanks so much Vanessa! I loved peering through your blog as well-definitely similar tastes, and a great inspiration! Asian spices open up a whole new world of flavor-so incredible.

  2. so glad to find out about your gorgeous blog today! can’t wait to peruse every last thing.

    aaaaaalso: i happen to have a lonely planet guide for southeast asia on a shoestring budget sitting right next to me. departing august 15. ten solid weeks. you up for getting plied for information? i have so many questions. shoot me an email!? (just click the little paperclip-like symbol on top of my site for the addy.)

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